The Vision of Scott Hansen (via ISO50)

If you’re looking for examples of vision, this guy has loads of it. From a recent interview:

Balance isn’t a word I’d ever use to describe any aspect of my life. When it comes to work, everything is in extremes for me, it’s all or nothing most of the time.

I try my best to steer clear of being “inspired” by anything going on in the design world… [I] just keep trying to evolve in my own way.

I set out in design to capture a very specific ideal I had in my head and I feel like I’ve spent my entire career working towards achieving that ideal; it would be a shame to get derailed now!

Talk about vision.

I have long looked on Scott Hansen’s work with a deep sense of respect. I love his style, probably most of all because it IS a style. It’s so defined, so thought out, and so precisely executed that one can’t look at his creations and help but feel they’re viewing perfection. Scott’s work has influenced my photography, too. My style has been salted by his design aesthetic. That’s not to say my work directly reflects his style, but I’ve surely felt inspired to explore more of my own artistic quirks in response to seeing his liberal application of personal vision.

Visit Scott’s site here:, or go straight to his portfolio: Scott Hansen’s Portfolio

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